Disconnect by ProxCprod

As part of their creative seasons Ugly Duck presents Disconnect, a new creation by ProxCProd 

12-14th May - 7.30 pm 
£12.50 / £10 - The Loft @ 47/49 Tanner Street SE13PL 


10 criminals crammed onto a tiny spacecraft and the audience must vote on their fate.

Disconnect asks the audience to vote on the fate of 10 convicted criminals scheduled for jettison from ProxC - a spaceship carrying the remnants of humanity towards a new earth & a new start. They’re crammed together in a tiny vessel: some want to go, some want to stay, but it’s not their choice. It’s yours.

This piece of new writing responds to a world of Brexit, Trump and spreading voter apathy – we put our audience in an impossible situation and ask them to make a decision - then face the consequences. Whatever the outcome, it is so important to have a say - especially in our 'fake news' and 'alternative facts' age where being heard seems to boil down to shouting the loudest. 

But is real democracy even possible? And when it comes down to it, do we vote with our heads? Or our hearts?

Written by KT Jemmett & Directed by Michelle Shortland
Contact: ProxCProductions@gmail.com | @ProxCProd