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“It's great to see this beautiful building put to use for the benefit of the local community and wider public. On my recent visit I saw the support that this initiative has among local people, showing once again the ability of Bermondsey and Old Southwark to be a hotbed of innovation and creative thinking.”

– Simon Hughes, MP

"It truly was the building that inspired the show and the whole immersive style of The Hotel and the unwavering support from the staff meant that we could push ourselves and be so ambitious with the way we created our art."
- Jackinabox Theatre


“Time Banking gives you the opportunity to put on your own events, but also to get involved with other people’s events as well. It’s a great way to learn new things and meet others, especially for young creatives.”

– TJ, time banker

"Great venue, great hosts and the activities were really fun and inventive. I learnt lots about me and my colleagues today."

- Away Day participant

"The hunt was truly VERY GOOD - enjoyed it a lot, and I've done hunts with other companies before."

- City Hunt Player

"It was a great chance to show new work and play in a new space. Having help on marketing meant that we could attract new audiences via different avenues that we hadn't used before. The show went well but also having a trailer and the review now means that we can use this to help our company promote the show and potentially put it on in different venues."

- Bad Host Theatre