Upcoming Events


Off Quay 8th March - 1st April

Contemporary Art exhibition exploring the complexities of modern day capitalism, the objects within and architecture throughout.



Tejas Verdes by Collide Theatre
1th - 2nd April - Tanner Street

Collide Theatre comes back to Tanner Street for a site specific interpretation of  Fermin Cabal's play Tejas Verdes, a haunting and compelling piece of art about humanity’s brutal ability to cause pain and horror. 



The Rought Sketches Project - 3s A Crowd
21th - 22nd April - Tanner Street

The Rough Sketches Project is two evenings of experimental works by a collection of artists expressing their take on the theme ‘Dystopian Realities’ using their own art form.




Disconnect by ProxCprody
12th - 4th April - Tanner Street

ProxCprod is taking over the loft with their new play Disconnect, the story of 10 criminals crammed onto a tiny spacecraft in which the audience must vote on their fate.