Upcoming Events

Flags, Installation by Dolly Kershaw
3th Nov / 20st December 2016

A participatory installation in which the audience is invited to walk across a carpet comprised of approximately 200kg of coloured aquarium gravel.
1st installation presented at our new space for a month !

Stuck by Troupe Theatre
13 - 17th December 8pm

Here we all are, stuck in a place we don't seem to know. Using music, projection, dance and storytelling Troupe explore the sensation and reality of being stuck and living in limbo in a world where borders keep going up and people get trapped in between.

Think of England
10th - 11th - 17th - 18th December 2016

"Love, scandal and swing dancing at your local tea dance, join us for an unusual theatre experience directed by the company Anonymous is a woman. 


LCC Postgrad Show
1st - 6th December 2016

Off-site exhibition celebrating the hard work and achievements of students from the Media School. 

Common People by Chrom'art 
03rd November - 6rd January

Curated by Chrom'art, Common People is a narration of oneness through portraits and depictions of ordinary people by 21 extraordinary artists. 

Politic Man
17th - 18th December 2016

Set in hungry Bermondsey, this play explore the antithesis between the public and the private face of politicians and asks if it is ever possible to stick to your principles at all times