Upcoming Events

Rhythms of the Heart
10th-12th June 2016

From time immemorial, we have questioned our conscious experience of ourselves and the world around us.

Somebody I Used To Know
Coming Soon 2016

Everything I Own's critically acclaimed story of friendship and loss in the digital age, performed simply for you.

An Inevitable Stitch in Time
10th-12th June 2016

One man’s quest to engage with clever scientific, philosophical and cultural concepts of Time to ‘extend’ his life and outwit death.

September 2016

Is money our only god? Is a total market logic our only possible future? How can I live with this contradiction: I need love.

EU Immigrants EU Citizens
18th-19th June 2016

Performances, installations and participatory interventions ahead of the EU Leave/Remain referendum

28th-30th October 2016

Gideon Reeling invite you to celebrate life and death and anything in between. No one is getting out of this ALIVE.