Upcoming Events

30th Sept - 02th Oct 2016

Featuring over 120 international and UK-based artists from the world of contemporary art, music, dance and performance this is a family friendly ‘living exhibition’ encouraging cross-disciplinary collaboration among artists from different backgrounds.

14th-15th October 2016

Looking at sex through the eyes and ears of private musician Ursula Bogner, you’ll be taken deep into stranger and stranger domains of liberation, perversion and sensuality.

28 - 30th October 2016

CULT brings together choreography, sound installation, performance art and opera. It is the start of a long- term, large- scale project called “WHAT IS THE NEW SOCIETY?

28th - 30th October 2016

A weekend of exhibitions, talks, and performances exploring how the arts can work with science to communicate mind-bending concepts.

The Meanwhile Movement
3rd November 2016

Ugly Duck is organising a discussion about the beginnings of meanwhile use and how temporary occupation is soaring in popularity amongst arts organisations and business start-ups.

18th-20th Novemver 2016

MOUTHY invites you to delve into the orifice and explore the hidden world within – from the dark and gross to the miraculous !