Upcoming Events

Kinetica Museum: The Thin Veil
16th - 19th February 2017

Kinetica marks its 10 year legacy as a leading platform for international new media art with a ground breaking anniversary exhibition that explores the many dimensions of illusion, transformation and metamorphosis.

(Dis)placement - Off Quay 15th February -3rd March

A Contemporary Art exhibition curated by Gabriela Davis. The Displacement Project seeks to respond to the notion of displacement, and the many answerless questions and perspectives surrounding adaptation to a new environment.



Pop-up Opera - I Capuletti e i Montecchi (The Capulets and the Montagues) - Bellini
7th March - Off Quay

Experience the most tragic love story of all time, where two star-crossed lovers  Romeo and Juliet  find their worlds ripped apart by criminal warfare against the backdrop of Italy's bloody gang rivalry.



Tajas Verde by Collide Theatre
1th - 2nd April - Tanner Street

Collide Theatre comes back to Tanner Street for a site specific interpretation of  Firmin Cabal's play Tejas Verde, a haunting and compelling piece of art about humanity’s brutal ability to cause pain and horror. 



The Rought Sketches Project - 3's a Crowd
22th - 23nd April - Tanner Street

The Rough Sketches Project is two evenings of experimental works by a collection of artists expressing their take on the theme ‘Dystopian Realities’ using their own art form.