Upcoming Events

Digital Decades: Cyberia
25th - 27th August -  47/49 Tanner Street

The Digital Decade 5 “Cyberia” is a group show based on artworks and installations select by a group of partners and curators mainly from Digital and Video Art field. 



Rewild by Livia Rita & Artists
2st - 3nd September - Tanner Street

Rewild attempts to give you license to become god over your own reality; unashamed to go to extremes to find meaning and aliveness. Rewild is a 4D explosion of art merging music, dance, fashion and poetry.



Making It Real: Analogue LDN
29th Sept- 01th Oct - 47/49 Tanner Street

The London Alternative Photography Collective provides regular artist talks on the subject of analogue & alternative photography processes used in contemporary art.