AROOO on the Roof

“A Woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction”
~A Room of One’s Own, Virginia Woolf, 1929

‘Social Housing NOT Social Cleansing’
~Campaign slogan, Focus E15 Mothers, 2015

86 years have passed between the two quotes above.

‘Regeneration’ in London has somehow become ubiquitous with housing evictions. Working class, low- income families, and single parents are forcibly pushed out of communities and neighborhoods to make way for the artisan coffee yoga retreat loving trendsetters.

As this seemingly unstoppable force seizes over those once utopian social housing projects, and rent price and cost of living increases, we question: how many more lives will go disrupted and uprooted before we realise it affects us all – social housing or otherwise – and the fabric of the city we call home.

Alternative Press’s AROOO is travelling live art participatory installation and sculpture. Inspired by Virginia Woolf and her A Room Of One’s Own, was transformed into a bedsit while it occupied the rooftop of 47/49 Tanner Street for 28days in May. With statistic, slogan, and drawings championing the need for equality adorning its walls, AROOO serves as a stark warning of the true effect of the housing bubble.

Its 28 day residency coincided with both the General Election and Takeover 2015 – a day where activists, artists, bookshops and publishers came together to celebrate all radical publishing, and where housing campaign groups were invited to speak at Alternative Press’ Speakers’ Corner.

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