Brocade was a contemporary dance piece which celebrated the craft and brio of the performer and new charged alliances between female dance and music artists. This piece was performed along a long runway-like floor in the Garage. Five performers propelled sound and physicality across the traverse, tapping into alchemic relations and weaving and exalting each other’s presence along the way.

Directed by Roberta Jean, brocade has been developed in collaboration with Stephanie McMann, Angharad Davies, Helka Kaski and Charlotte Baker.

Founded in 2012 and led by Roberta Jean, MYSTERYSKIN celebrates liveness; likens the dancing body to sculpture; and frames the presence of the performer. Exploring a progressive physical language located in the visceral, the charged and the uncharged body, MYSTERYSKIN produces contemporary dances and kinaesthetic works for diverse contexts that incorporate musical and sound design elements as well as sculptural forms.

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