We Are All Misfits
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Written by Penny Cliff
Directed by Terry O’Leary
With Cardboard Citizens’ Actors from Street2Stage

In 1963 the USA was racing to the moon, Cliff Richards was on his summer holiday and London was swinging. Amongst flower children, squats and street marches, a new kind of radicalism was born.

Anton Wallich Clifford hatched an audacious plan that would spread across the United Kingdom and Ireland. Recruiting a small platoon of voluntary misfits armed with tea urns, cheese sandwiches and kindness, the Simon Community challenged how society treated its homeless population.

From the diaries and archives of the Simon Community, Cardboard Citizens unravel tales of everyday heroism over five decades of caring with – not for homeless people.

In December 2013 Cardboard Citizens was installed at 47/49 for a week in order to celebrate the story of this extraordinary community on the eve of its 50th anniversary. Featuring a large ensemble of performers with experience of homelessness from Cardboard Citizens’ Street2Stage workshops, We Are All Misfits investigated how we value kindness in a cruel age of measuring and assessing.

Cardboard Citizens is an award-winning theatre company that changes the lives of homeless and at-risk people through theatre and the performing arts. We Are All Misfits featured many first-time performers from the Company’s theatre workshops. The Simon Community and Cardboard Citizens came together for this special occasion to challenge perceptions and promote shared values around homelessness.