Conspire presents Flight

Conspire is 47/49′s own bimonthly event that uses arts to shed fresh light on academic themes.

On July 22nd we hosted the third event in the series, asking artists and contributors to respond to the theme of ‘Flight’We selected four submissions from the public IdeasTap brief, and chose our own expert speakers to present their specific expertise on the subject of Flight. Contributions ranged from celebrating birds, and their incredible ways of moving through the air and migrating, issues around the migration of people in urban areas, the anti-aviation movement, mental health and much more.

Conspire had contibutions from:

Paolo Viscardi, natural history curator at the Horniman Museum, who looked at the high costs of flight, and how birds make savings

Lekan Lawal – SBM (performance) – Al has been suspended from the police and is re-evaluating his life. He always wanted to be a comic book artist, so he makes a beautiful graphic novel. In his fictional universe Superman is Black and British, but only has the power of flight.

Graeme Hutchinson and Catherine Day from the RSPB talked about swifts, birds which spend almost their entire lives in the air, coming to earth only to raise their young. They demonstrated quite how breathtaking these creatures are using textiles representing the movement of birds and the wingspans of swifts.

Kelly Ward – Imagined Heights – Kelly presented a multi-sensory live experience which stimulated the audience into a flight of fancy.

Josh Moos from Plane Stupid led a thought-provoking debate on the relationship between aviation and class.

Jack A.G Britton – 1.9 – Using a combination of storytelling, spoken word, audience interaction and parkour techniques Jack shared his experiences of this practise with the audience.

Professor Eric Kaufman of Birbeck College presented research on the phenomenon of White Flight.

Flight was, for now, the last of the Conspire series. We had a lot of fun though and we hope to return to the series with a new batch of themes in the future.