Drawings of Things
Illustration by Tom Pearce www.drawingsofthings.com
Illustration by Tom Pearce www.drawingsofthings.com
Illustration by Tom Pearce www.drawingsofthings.com
Illustration by Tom Pearce www.drawingsofthings.com
4749_night_view (1)

Tom Pearce has been visiting Tanner Street to illustrate the building. Here’s a bit about him and his work:

“My artwork is mainly inspired by the feelings and views which can be discovered around London’s streets. I like to explore the little details and idiosyncrasies which fill the city, and the way elements can interact to create unique moments.

I wanted to draw the 47/49 Tanner Street warehouse for several reasons. Firstly I’m fascinated by the history of these kind of buildings, they’re such a powerful reminder of the time when London was a thriving port and goods came in from all over the world. Gradually they are all being renovated and changed to flats or offices, so it seems like a great chance to record what it’s like inside one of these spaces before that happens.

I’m also really interested by the idea of different views of London. I often like looking up to windows and wondering what the world of the people who use that room is like, and also what might have happened there in the past. Connected to this, I like the idea of London scenes which not many people have experienced. Most people in the city will know the view from Tower Bridge or Waterloo Bridge for example, but the view from the roof of an old warehouse is hidden and only ever experienced by a handful of people.

For me being able to make a sketch of a window which probably hasn’t been replaced or altered since the Victorian times, and look out across the developing city of today is so interesting and exciting.”

If you would like to see more of Tom’s work visit www.drawingsofthings.com