Kaleidoscopic is a new artistic dance platform encouraging frank post-performance discussion. They hosted their first event in the Hub in November 2014.

The platform seeks works dealing intimately with the human need for understanding of one’s own nature and circumstances and for recognition.

Kaleidoscopic was designed to bring audiences and artists closer together by using The Hub as an unconventional performance space that removes the traditional hierarchy between performers and the audience and by inviting frank post-performance discussion between audience, choreographers and performers.

The first Kaleidoscopic platform shared the works of Lucy Wild and Marah Wilson, Lucia Schweigert, Konstantina Skalionta and Lizzie J Klotz.

A durational piece At its most silent hour is rooted in sacred ritual and provoked audiences to remember what is simple, beautiful and primal about being human and being alive. Can you be free? explored how our present-day choices can let the unchangeable facts of our past influence our future in different ways. Beauty-fool reflected on woman’s vulnerability towards body image concerns and her struggle to keep up with standards of beauty and perfection. And Too Much Noise, Not Enough Nuts was a chaotic investigation of human interaction and communication.

The artists involved are at the beginning of their careers. A Q&A after the performances gave an invaluable opportunity for exchange, which will inform the future practice of the artists and gave a deeper insight into their work to the audience.