Macbeth by candle light
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Following their sell-out staged reading at the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse at nearby Shakespeare’s Globe in July 2014, Tanner St opened up its Loft space to Ben Crystal’s Shakespeare Ensemble, to re-stage their 24 hour, cue-script rehearsed production of Macbeth, by candle light.

Spread across Europe, the Ensemble gather in London, are taken through their text individually, and find beautiful spaces to raise their productions in 24hrs – without having rehearsed their scenes together, speaking the words to each other for the first time in front of their audiences, relying on instinct, stage-craft and quick-thinking.
The event was received extremely warmly by attendees, perhaps thanks partly to the mulled wine! This was the world contemporary premiere of Macbeth in Original Pronunciation – the reconstruction of the accent Shakespeare’s actors would have used. Watch a 10 minute intro to OP here.