Mozart's Die Entführung
Photograph by Robert Anderson
Photograph by Robert Anderson
Photograph by Robert Anderson
Photograph by Robert Anderson

Pop-Up Opera took over The Hub for one night to delight their audience with a hilariously modern rendition of Mozart’s Die Entführung aus dem Serail (The Abduction from the Seraglio). Die Entführung is an operatic comedy about two young men, Belmonte and Pedrillo, attempting to rescue their lovers Konstanze and Blonde from an Ottoman harem. All kinds of high jinks and mishaps occur as they don disguises, make merry with the servants and sing an ode to Bacchus god of wine, in an attempt to save their beloveds. The music, performed by a single pianist, contains some of Mozart’s most spectacular and virtuoso arias, and is richly embroidered with his interpretation of Turkish music. This was truly at treat for Ugly Duck.

London City Nights – ★★★★
“Pop-Up Opera remain the single most engaging opera company I know,”
“Fresh, dynamic and exciting – if you’re on the fence about opera I highly recommend them; they’re a company with real heart, vigorously pumping fresh blood into the art form.”

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