Orpheus and Eurydice

A familiar narrative unhinged. Its heroine voiced, its hero reimagined.

In January 2015 47/49 Tanner Street hosted a unique evening of poetry, music and art. Part exhibition, part performance, this one-off evening submerged its audience into an Underworld to try and find Eurydice. Underscored by James Turnbull and the Ensemble Perpetuo, Max Barton performed his musical version of Orpheus’ lament as we followed Eurydice’s trail through poetry by Barbican Young Poet Kiran Millwood Hargrave.

The walls offered insights into the Underworld as imagined by Breese Little artist Tom de Freston. This was the first collaboration between these three young practitioners, whose work has been performed and exhibited internationally from Tokyo to Denmark to the Antarctic. Produced by Chris Edis, this evening offered the first, definitive insight into the Œ (orpheus & eurydice) project, which will culminate in a publication and a full scale theatrical production later in 2015.

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