Strawberry Vale 2.0

March 18th & 19th 2016
Strawberry Vale is a two-part digital experience comprised of an immersive exhibition and followed by a multimedia performance.

The exhibition functions as a pre-show experience where the audience examine a series of illustrations and interactive installations, allowing them to build a more personal relationship with the characters and imaginary landscape prior to the performance.

The show tells a young girl’s coming-of-age story against the backdrop of a ghostly animated village of despair and isolation. She pierces the urban reality and unseals the portal to Strawberry Vale with her imagination. In this dilapidated animated village, she tries to imitate her ideal model of “home”, an inner world where she can run away from time, the busy urban city and growing up.

She encounters several melancholic Strawberrians in the village and progressively she works out her true mission as a player in this dreamlike escape. For a brief moment the piece captures the warmth and poignancy of her heroic gameplay, before traces of reality start to appear and bleed in from reality.

The piece seeks to explore the coming of age, kinship, and the impact of urbanization and rural abandonment in our modern social structure, whilst fusing projection technologies, digital magic, frame by frame hand-drawn animation, original music, soundscape, and nuanced movements.

The piece stars Jessica Kathryn and features award winning original music by Andrea Boccadoro.