Tanner Street Takeover

Tanner Street Takeover – 15/16/17th July 2016

This summer Ugly Duck is hosting a theatre festival weekend with four companies taking over different spaces in our unique and edgy Warehouse at 47/49 Tanner Street. A great occasion to [re]discorver the building with emerging artists full of talent. Expect immersive theatre, promenade, sound and visual installation, intimate story telling and site specific work.


Hamletmachine by Collide Theatre
Hamletmachine is a collage of fragments, an orgy of deconstruction. Walk through the pieces of this broken civilisation and experience a grotesque wasteland full of beauty and cruelty. The human body stands at its centre – fragile and yet capable of extreme destruction and pain.
Arrival by Laura Wyatt O’Keeffe
Arrival is a journey story that defies convention. If Michael Palin and Sarah Kane were to write a play, this might be it.
Writer and performer Laura Wyatt O’Keeffe went travelling when she was 20 years old, before she left home someone told her somethingshe never forgot.
Echo Narcissus by Emma Stirling & Nick Finegan
A live & video performance retelling the myth of Echo and Narcissus through internet obsessions, online personas, and late night longing.

Present Time by Urbn Theatr
Present Time, an immersive theatre experience about how life passes by and the illusion of certainty that surrounds our makeshift. Follow Six people through a day of their lives. A birthday party is planned, a guest is coming, an unexpected letter brings a surprise.