The Hotel

Have you ever wondered who’s been in this room before?

Critically acclaimed and award winning theatre company Jackinabox Productions (Romeo & Juliet, Berlin) presented a new immersive experience unlike any other.

Once the greatest place to rest your head, The Hotel played lonely host to echoes of its own past. As it opened its doors to the curious, guests were invited to take a glimpse at the secrets hidden behind the abandoned walls. Beyond the ‘do not disturb’ sign The Hotel’s people and their stories unfolded in the most private and intimate of settings.

Each room housed a different anonymous show. Guests were checked into a first room on arrival, and then had an opportunity to choose a second room, another show and another world of possibilities.

The Hotel was part of a mini-season of theatre taking place at 47/49 Tanner Street with Swines and a preview of Daddies Don’t Cry.