Time banking is an exchange where people swap time and resources instead of money.

Ugly Duck believes in big ideas and time banking is a dynamic solution to many of the problems our society faces today. Time banking treats everyone’s time as equal, valuing contributions from marginalised groups in society. Time banking is a form of co-production, enabling the users of a service to play a part in the creation and delivery of that service. Time banking is a recession-proof form of exchange, tapping into abundant but neglected resources within our communities, enabling individuals and groups to meet their needs.

You can exchange skills and time for using one of our spaces for certain activities.

Time banking allows the people who support our work to use one of our spaces for an equivalent amount of time for agreed activities. You can exchange your time for using the space for activities such as:
– workshops
– rehearsals
– photography
– small meetings
– auditions

Time banking is not appropriate if you want to use the space for events, or if you cannot be flexible with the times or rooms that you can use in the building. If you’re not sure whether your activity is appropriate for time banking then give Geraldine a call on 07585 774227.
So, for example… if Fred spends 5 hours designing 47/49 a flyer, then Fred can use The Factory floor to hold a drawing workshop for 5 hours.

– sign up to time bank (linked to newsletter)

Sign up to our time banking scheme here!

Once you sign up, you’ll also receive an email once per month telling you about our needs and availability. Make sure that email doesn’t go into your spam folder!

Please also like our Time Bank Facebook page to get up-to-date updates and become part of the community, you may get the opportunity to find out what other people in our network are up to!

You will need to fill in the short registration form. Try to think of as many skills as possible and don’t undervalue your potential contribution! You never know when we might need an acupuncturist…

Please note: time banking is only suitable for non-profit, non-professional uses of the space for up to 10 people. Ugly Duck has a constantly changing schedule and we may need to reschedule time banking uses at short notice.