Anamorphic Waves


47/49 Tanner Street SE1 3PL


Exhibition launch: 11th April 6pm - 9pm Exhibition Dates: Friday 12th - Sunday 14th

Art, Past Projects

Ugly Duck works to programme a diverse range of creative projects, exploring fields such as science, activism, information & technology, and social/cultural issues.

In our recent call for proposals we invited artists to reflect on the question How much is technology changing human behaviours?

After an overwhelming number of proposals Ugly Duck decided to curate the group show: Anamorphic Waves (11th – 14th April). An exhibition exploring how digital interfaces and technological tools are reshaping our personal, professional and ecological relationships, and how they have modified our view of love, sexuality and gender.

During this group exhibition curated by Deen Atger, the audience will discover more than 25 emerging artists from the UK and Europe whilst exploring our Tanner Street location, formerly a victorian factory.

Anamorphic Waves will present a collection of diversified works including; interactive light sculpture, brain wave prints, video art, Virtual Gardens, Artificial Intelligence, alternative universes, musical machines alongside many other creative investigations.

This exhibition will surprise you, invite you to play and rethink our relationship with technology.

Artist included:

Tabita Rezaire
Clemence Debaig
Sian Fan
De Lovie Photography
FC Izaac
Isadora Petrauskas
Tivon Rice
Marie Molins
Rebecca Culverhouse
Matthew Warshaw
Erik Lintunen & Julie Maurin
Monica Tolia –
Lesley-Ann Daly
Lottie Bolster
The Nave
Ruini Shi
Kate Lowe
Gareth Bunting
Mike Fell
Sophie Popper
Benjamin Dresner – Reynolds
Daria Jelonek and Perry-James Sugden (Above&Below)
Kate Davis
Susannah Pal
Guillaume Brinas
Jill Laudet
Magma Kitchen
Iseult Perrault & Felicien Rousseau
Aldo Cupido

Special Performances time by Monica Tolia

Thursday 11th April   18:00-21:00  Performance | ‘Technologies of Lived Abstraction: FUTURE PRESENT’
Friday 12th April     16:00-17:00 Movement workshop: all-levels
                                     18:00-21:00 Performance | ‘Technologies of Lived Abstraction: FUTURE PRESENT’
Saturday, 13 April    12:30-13:30  Movement workshop: all-levels
                                     14:00-17:00 Performance | ‘Technologies of Lived Abstraction: FUTURE PRESENT
Sunday, 14 April      12:30-13:30  Movement workshop: all-levels
                                     14:00-17:00 Performance | ‘Technologies of Lived Abstraction: FUTURE PRESENT

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