Art & (H)aktivism

From our recent call for projects questioning how art and creativity can be use to advocate for social change we received more than 30 amazing proposals from artists, curators and activists. With the help of our guest curators, Nicole Crentsil, Ashley Lee Wong and professor Tim Jordan we selected 18 projects to be presented at our venues in the next six month. The projects range from complete building takeovers, to individual pieces chosen to participate with a showcase event by Ugly Duck.
Cosmic Perspectives – Lumen Studio through their exhibition, will invite participants to create a new conversation around climate change.
Breaking ChainsRelease UK will challenge drug prohibition through an exhibition, talks and performances.
Art Sisterhood Arts Sisterhood UK is a unique, grassroots Arts & Mental Health organisation that offers women and non-binary people affordable art therapy classes across the UK.
Flux ShowcaseFLUX is a movement of media artists working on the cusp of technological development, using light, sound, movement and other media to challenge perception and to facilitate social change.
Pushing the envelope – With this project, the curator Carmen Salas will explores the potential of social media to curate women’s art.
Tse Tse Fly Middle East – Live experimental film and noise event in support of human rights and freedom of speech.
Designed Howlings – Sxrvxve explores creation as a course of radical action; particularly, artists who use art and design to create secret communications, inside jokes, and hidden modes of resistance.
Museum of Misogyny – Rosie Brear, Maria McLintock and Molly Ackhurst together produce an interactive exhibition set in a proximate, utopian future where misogyny has been destroyed.
Dance Otherwise – By the Sparse Collective investigate the potential of dance as a medium for social inclusion
White Out –  Martha Orbach ‘s project exploring Brain Surgery – Deep Brain Stimulation
The Madness of Colour – Launch of an anthology exploring BAME mental health in the UK.
The Punishment – A robotic installation by Filipe Vilas-Boas
Mind in Motion – A series of 8 pieces in total, inspired by contemporary sociatal issues by Iskra Dinkova
404_error_not_found – A representation of the primal frustration one feels when technology doesn’t do as it should by Rebecca Flynn
 Reason to Revolt – Works by artists Pierre-Paul Pariseau
“LAURA _ AkiÓ->Foodi Trucke->Popcorn – Laura Carvalho uses performance as a means of questioning the existing social structures.
Royalty – A series of paintings focusing on black representation in biblical and classical contexts.
Art & Permaculure Workshop – Maria Lhote workshop explores the relationship between permaculture and the body, and questions the role of the body in the quest for positive environmental change.

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