Art in Flux – Experiments in Media Arts Now


31th May - 03th June 2018


47/49 Tanner Street


Past Projects

FLUX is a forum hosted by artists to discuss strategies, processes and collective themes within the media arts. Founded in summer 2016 by artists Aphra Shemza, Maria Almena and Oliver Gingrich, FLUX has grown into a large forum with over 500 artists and regular events featuring talks, demonstrations and performances.

With the FLUX events showcase, we want to bring media arts to the larger public. The event at Ugly Duck in May/June 2018 will open media arts to the wider public. Over 3 days, we will feature FLUX Media Artists, an exhibition flanked by talks, performances and workshops.

FLUX is a movement of media artists working on the cusp of technological development, using light, sound, movement and other media to challenge perception and to facilitate social change. We understand technology as an enabler, a tool not for the few, but for the public to explore, interact with, to create. FLUX is about a discourse on technology and art, as a method of empowerment, self-realisation, the challenging of norms and conventions, to reach beyond, and to change our perception of the world we create.

The event is supported by Rose Bruford College of Theatre and Performance, Chrom-Art, Surplus Sounds, Ugly Duck and Southwark Council