Opportunity for LGBTQI+ Artists

@Disturbance // Southwark LGBTQI+ Special 

We are over the moon to announce the support from local organisation Team London Bridge to continue our experimentation around dance, performance, video art and live stream with our project @Disturbance.

@Disturbance is a platform supporting diversity, underrepresented bodies and voices in the arts. It aims at transcending boundaries between digital & physical space using creative augmented livestream. With a full LGBTQI+ lineup of performers and video artists, Ugly Duck wants to cultivate Southwark’s home grown talent, organising technical workshops, mentoring sessions and providing a platform for performances (physically if permitted and online). 

After a successful first edition in October 2020, we are now looking for artists to be part of the second show at the end of February (exact date tbc as we are hoping to be able to open the doors to a small number of audience)

We are looking for 3 performers / groups to showcase works in between 10 min and 25 min. It can be an existing work that we adapt for the space and the stream or a new creation / work in progress.
We are also looking for 5 video artists whose work will be presented during the show in between performances.

The project will develop in the following steps

Call out + Selection 
Creative Mentorship - Ugly Duck
Technical workshop and rehearsals - Ugly Duck

Send your ideas / work / videos to submission@ugluyduck.org.uk - Call out open until 25th January.
We are also in partnership with LGBT Southwark Network for this event.