Cosmic Perspectives – Lumen


25th - 27th May 2018


47/49 Tanner Street


The fragility and monumental importance of life on Earth from the darkness of space, and how concepts such as the Overview Effect alter collective perception of ecology.

Through the exhibition, Lumen invite participants to create a new conversation around climate change, and the overall damage and destruction we are causing to our environments. The exhibition will aim to inspire a change of thinking through highlighting the precarious nature of life, and the extraordinary set of circumstances that allow us to exist, in an otherwise, possibly, lifeless universe.

About Lumen
Lumen is an art collective, focused on themes of astronomy and light, regularly exhibiting in churches as well as galleries.
Through art, exhibitions and seminars we aim to raise a dialogue about how humanity understands existence.
The members of Lumen are Louise Beer, Melanie King and Rebecca Huxley.