Digital Decade 5: Cyberia

Digital culture curator and founder of Designcollector Network – Arseny Vesnin , has been exploring and revealing the top-notch of visual media arts and design since 2003. Designcollector blog quickly became a leading online media that keeps an eye on the rapidly changing world of new media art, design and other creative disciplines. Starting from 2013, Arseny organises the annual initiative the Digital Decade, aimed to reveal upcoming artists working in the field of digital and interactive media arts. Digital Decade has taken place previously in creative hubs of Barcelona, Saint Petersburg before settling the event permanently in London. Each year artists asked to reflect on the specific question about the near-future terms and environmental issues.

During the 2017 Designcollector teamed up with different partners including Ello, Curioos, Sedition Art creative platforms. The exhibition took place over three days in late summer, at Ugly Duck headquarter 47/49 Tanner Street. For this new creative season Ugly Duck had chosen the theme Real/Virtual and “Digital Decade 5: Cyberia” was selected by Guest Curator Foteini Avarani.
In Spring, Arseny set up online open contest and together with Ello platform selected 10 artwork winners to join invitational artists at event. In August, they presented an innovative exhibition in London exploring the intersections digital and physical forms (“phygital”) in art as part of the annual event Digital Decade, featuring 50 emerging artists curated by Vesnin. This year’s theme of “Cyberia” encourages artists to reflect on the concept of the newborn digital-native that is changing our common value systems.

The concept of Cyberia is “the unknown territories: shaped by the digital ethnos”. This, “ethnos” refers to the generation of digital people that are changing our world, and continuing to influence our culture. As our world becomes increasingly digital, it ultimately transforms to become a “Cyberia”. Exhibition invited almost 400 visitors and artists into a visual dialogue on geopolitical, environmental, social and even interstellar changes taking place in our world with digital art and technology. Event featured VR, Print, Phygital and Interactive installations as well as few creative talks from industry leaders.