Free Exhibition in the Hub – Friday 6-9 pm / Saturday 11 am – 9 pm / Sunday 11 am – 5 pm

Ticketed Show – The Ethometric Museum (description bellow) by Ray Lee – Friday 6.30 pm VIP Show & 8.30 pm
Saturday 2.30 pm & 4.30 pm & 6.30 pm & 8.30 pm / Sunday 2.30 pm & 4.30 pm

Invisible Modernity explores the concept of modernity and its evolution through time.
From the invention of the radio to the rotary telephone and the typewriter, what used to be a must in terms of modernity becomes a vintage relic of the past. The race against the foreseen obsolescence is continuous and tedious.
As we collect, restore and cherish these old machines, others prefer to reroute and alter the initial purpose of the objects, giving them a new aesthetic, a new function and, therefore, a new life.

Come and re-discover the past with a varied selection of artists for a 3 day event at Ugly Duck’s headquarters, 47/49 Tanner Street.

Expanded Eye – Salomé Carott Chatriot – Maddy Venus – Simon Venus – –Ray Lee  

Curated by Deen Atger


Ethometric Museum by Ray Lee –

Enter the Ethometric Museum and be transported into a parallel universe of cosmic tones and esoteric technology, an Aladdin’s cave of exquisitely hand- crafted contraptions.

Inside you will bathe in the resonant sound waves generated by the spinning machines and dancing automata and marvel as Professor Lee flicks the knobs and tunes the dials to play an innovative musical soundscape that envelops you like a ‘three dimensional piece by Steve Reich’.

According to the introduction given to you by the earnest and elegantly dressed curator, Dr. Kounadea, each machine emits specific harmonic frequencies and through their precise manipulation Ethometrics ‘expert’ Professor Lee will realign your ‘super-electrical field’.

Appearing to be artefacts from a hitherto unknown branch of science, these extraordinary Ethometric Instruments are curious, fascinating and beguiling relics from a bygone age. Fascinating, compelling and hauntingly beautiful, Ethometric Museum is an immersive theatrical journey into a hypnotic and mesmerising world of whirling devices, pulsing drones and proper science.

Supported by:

Arts Council England, Oxford Brookes University, Oxford Contemporary Music


Performers: ‘The Curator’; Stavroula Kounadea (Graham Elstone for four performances in Oxford). ‘The Professor’; Ray Lee, Harry Dawes (for certain performances in Oxford and Edinburgh)

The curator’s role was developed in collaboration with Stavroula Kounadea.

Additional technical assistance: Graham Calvert

Produced by Oxford Contemporary Music