Girls at Night on the Internet


02 February 2019.


47/49 Tanner Street SE1 3PL


Get in touch with geraldine@uglyduck, if you'd like to participate


Girls at Night on the Internet –  Slipping and sliding between traditional conventions of gender and sexuality we invite you to swim and bathe in a “secret” digital dimension. A nebulous “place” of intrigue, illusion, curiosity and motherboards, this symposium will research and develop a radical new piece of interdisciplinary theatre that explores how millennial women (trans and cisgender) express and interact with their sexuality digitally.


Associate Artists/Collaborators:

MOLLY ACKHURST – Women’s Rights Activist, Outreach and Advocacy Support Worker, Cofounder and Coordinator of The Silenced Museum

BEATRIX BLAISE – Director (specialising in film and music videos)/Photographer/Artist

GEMIMA HULL – Playwright/Director/Cofounder of OvaryActing TIWALADE IBIROGBA OLULODE – Actress/Playwright/Director

TESS MONRO – Director/Writer/Dramaturg

EDYTHE WOOLLEY – Performance Artist/Director/Writer/Founder of The Wardrobe Ensemble

This R+D aims to explore a unique creative process; six female (and gender non-binary) Associate Artists and Collaborators from disciplines including Women’s Rights Activism, film, fine art, performance art and theatre working in collaboration. In the climate of #MeToo and Time’s Up and in a theatre industry predicated on a predominantly male canon the artists collaborating in this R+D aim to come together to support each other’s work in an effort to redress gender inequality and create an alternative canon that challenges patriarchal perspectives of the female (and gender non-binary) experience online; uniting our voices to make us louder.