In Transition, Ugly Duck New Creative Season

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Ugly Duck is proud to announce that we received more than 50 projects and proposals from artists, curators and activists following our recent open call for the upcoming season In Transition.


With the help of our guest curators, Anna Dumitriu Artist, Tamsin Ace Head of Public Programming at The Southbank Centre and Leyla Reynolds Illustrator and Art Director at Gal-Dem, we have selected 30+ projects to be presented at our venues from February to July 2019. The projects range from complete building takeovers to individual pieces chosen to participate in a showcase event by Ugly Duck.


Alongside this showcase here is a small selection of takeover projects from our upcoming season:

Girls at Night on the Internet –  Slipping and sliding between traditional conventions of gender and sexuality we invite you to swim and bathe in a “secret” digital dimension. A nebulous “place” of intrigue, illusion, curiosity and motherboards, this symposium will research and develop a radical new piece of interdisciplinary theatre that explores how millennial women (trans and cisgender) express and interact with their sexuality digitally.

Postopia: Visions of technology from utopia to dystopia presented by Uncovered Collective – Technology propels the human story. Every invention seems better than the last, forever altering the course of the future…but at what cost? Exploring what it is to be human in an age of rapidly changing technologies, this installation offers visitors a glimpse of the many possible futures they have the power to shape.

The Ether presented by Tinderdust – A futuristic exploration of music, art and technology consisting of live performances and audience participatory pieces. It explores the hybrid worlds that arise through this correlation and how technology awakens us to a multitude of different realities within our own.

Cartographies – An exhibition of recent artists’ film and moving image, curated by Katrina Man and Sam Kaufman, exploring the urgency of how contemporary mapping technologies and cartographic networks are affecting the ways in which we situate ourselves in the world.

The Alternative Art School Weekender presented by The Other MA – Bringing together peers from their current DIY educational landscape to share workshops, screenings, talks and an exhibition for the public to attend, learn and contribute to.

Through the Looking Glass: Humanity’s Changing View of the Universe presented by Lumen – An exhibition of 50 national and international artists, looking at how technology has enabled the development of our understanding of the universe.

The Rock Concert presented by Uta Kögelsberger in collaboration with Atau Tanaka and invited sound artists and performers – A cross-disciplinary sculptural installation involving experimental sound and live performances. Originated as a visceral interpretation in response to the increase of rainfall due to climate change in the UK.

Mx Men presented by PLACE A – This project considers positive masculinity and what this does and can look like. If old ideas of masculinity are outdated then we need to do more than condemn them; we need to devise an alternative model to transition into.


All projects:

Achilles by Pierre & Baby

Alternative Art School Weekender by The Other MA

Between Worlds by S.F. Batchelor

Biomorph by Matthew Warshaw

Biomorpha by Phenotypica

Cartographies Exhibition by Katrina Man and Sam Kaufman

Deep Neuro Imagining by Erik Linuten

Desire Line by Ruini Shi

Emergent Ecosystem by Benjamin Dresner-Reynold

Environment Built for Absence by Tivon Rice

The Ether by Tinderdust

Finding a New Terrain by Daria Jelonek in collaboration with Perry-James Sugden

Garden 2 by Sian Fan

Hoop by Magma Kitchen

Hope u Had a Good Time by FC Izaac

Impact of Human Enhancement Technology by Lesley-Ann Daly

Mx Men by PLACE A

The Nave Installation by The Nave

The Passion According to Bibi by Petar Miloshevski

Postopia: Visions of Technology from Utopia to Dystopia by Uncovered Collective

Playing the Keyboard by Sophie Popper

The Quingdom by De Lovie Photography

Rock Concert by Uta Kögelsberger in collaboration with Atau Tanaka and others

The Simulacrum Unfolds by Gareth Bunting

Skin-awareness by Friendred

Somebody is Constructing Our Ignorance by Jill Laudet

Technologies of Lived Abstraction: FUTURE PRESENT by Monica Tolia

Through the Looking Glass: Humanity’s Changing View of the Universe by Lumen

Woodland Aroma by Kate Lowe

The Work of Desire by Lottie Bolster

You Can Save Me by Hydrocracker


and projects by:

Aeon Industries

Girls at Night on the Internet

The Mechanical Choir


Project Myopia

Marie Molins

Rebecca Culverhouse