05th - 08th December 2019


Ground Floors - 47/49 Tanner Street


Carmen & Luisa presents: IRL

IRL is a group exhibition that addresses the way technology is creating a new definition of what means to be human. 
Is Posthumanism an open option for humanity to design its own evolution? Has the deconstruction of what it means to be human already begun? 

The work of these artists orbit around these questions. This group of artists try to grasp the slippery boundaries between technology and human culture within a fluid society. Working between the boundaries and tensions of virtual and physical realities; private and public, presence and absence, tradition and modernity. 

This exhibition pulls together a multidisciplinary (photography, painting, sound, performance, 3D animation, video installation, sculpture, etc) group of eleven Spanish artists who explores within their practice the idea of the body as the first prosthesis. Their works depicts a contemporary social portrait in all its complexity. 
The show is intended to be a catalyst for inviting and inciting dialogue in these uncertain times. This group of artists offer their works as a starting point for conversations about the open possibilities of the concept of a new humanity

Carmen Viñuela and Luisa Gonzalez (both b. 1980. Spain) work predominantly in video-installations, performance, sculpture, 3D animation and collage.

Their main topic of interest is how the fluid part of reality is shaped and constructed through different languages and image, leading them to investigate the concepts of gender, communication, the relationship between humans and machines, public and private, presence and absence and the role of the body in the digitalisation, among others.

Carmen and Luisa’s work takes inspiration from western society and lately more specifically in the technological society that we are constructing.