Janus VR presentation & The Poetics of Virtual Reality Discussion


15th November 2018 18.30 - 21.30


47/49 Tanner Street SE1 3PL

London based visual artist Marta Di Francesco explores new aesthetics by merging poetics with code. She creates visual artworks that take the form of moving image works, single-channel audio-visual installations, and screenings. He works deal with issues of digital identity and its fragmentation, time perception and presence. For over a decade, she has been writing and creating works which inhabit and cross over the worlds of film, dance, fashion and code.

Marta will present her new project JANUS VR, a 4 minute long immersive experience exploring the duality of time and its effects on our identity. Inspired by the ancient god of time – the two-faced Janus, the project questions the meaning of one’s identity in times of transformation. Marta will give a talk about her creative process and sources of inspiration. She will also discuss her approach to creating VR art projects.

There will be a discussion on “The Poetics of Virtual Reality” right after the talk, featuring Marta di Francesco, Bushra Burge (artist, entrepreneur, and CEO and creative director of creative technology studio BB), Geraldine Atger (new media curator and producer) and Carmen Salas (curator and creative producer). The speakers will present and discuss research, creative and curatorial work that explores the concepts of: time and presence, space and place, and virtual identities. The evening will conclude with an opportunity to experience Marta’s new project JANUS VR, produced by Carmen Salas with funding from Arts Council England, and the support of Ugly Duck. 1 “The Poetics of Virtual Reality: exploring time and presence – from synaesthesia to embodiment, and new forms of spatial interaction & experience, transforming ‘space’ to ‘place’, making the invisible, visible” – Marta di Francesco.

Event timings & structure

18:30 – 19:00 Artist talk: Marta di Francesco

19:00 – 20:00 Conversation with Marta di Francesco, Bushra Burge, and Geraldine Atger, moderated by Carmen Salas

20:00 – 21:00 Janus VR experience + drinks