M S T R M N D : An Interactive Sound & Light Memory Game


47/49 Tanner Street


10th January 7 pm - 9 pm


MSTRMND is a single or multi-player logic game that tests complex skills and strategies in trials of experimentation and evaluation. Each color, has been encoded to a corresponding synesthetic sound, intended to create cross-sensory associations within the brain. Through this new embodied method, the players entire body becomes the controller of the game. This approach to more embodied sound and color associations is intended to enhance memory by incorporating visuo-spatial associations with multi-sensory processing.

Alex Yagilowich:
Interactive Architect & Maker – Alex Yagilowich research focuses on multi-sensory cognitive and preformative experiences within architectural space. She is a post-graduate student from the Bartlett School of Architecture’s, MArch Design for Performance & Interaction course.

In collaboration with:
Maxwell Woods: Composer
Stephen Henderson: Technical Assistant
Parker Heyl: Technical Assistant


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