Making It Real: Analog Festival


The London Alternative Photography Collective


Melanie King and Diego Valente of the London Alternative Photography Collective.


Friday 6th October, 6-8pm - Open for Ways of Sensing Talk. BYOB. Saturday 7th October, 11am - 6pm - Exhibition Open Saturday 7th October, 6pm - 9pm - Exhibition Party with LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER gig, cash bar. Sunday 8th October, 11 - 6pm


47/49 Tanner Street

The London Alternative Photography Collective presents “Making It Real” an festival showcasing artists who are working at the intersection of analogue and digital technologies. This exhibition explores the combined creative possibilities when analogue technologies and digital technologies are used together.

This exhibition considers the following questions:– How do analogue processes help us to understand their digital counterparts?
– How can digital processes be made to seem more tangible using analogue technologies?
– How is our understanding of “reality” influenced by the use of analogue and digital techniques?
– How can traditional analogue photography, film and sound making techniques be creatively disrupted to create unique artworks and productions?
– How can digital processes be enhanced by analogue input?
Exhibiting Artists:

Adam Brown // Alex Cassetti // Alexandra Gribaudi and Theodore Plytas // Ana Escobar // Anne Erhard // Andrew Graves Johnston // Cameron Williamson// Caroline Jane Harris // 
Christina Shirlinger // Dafne Salis // Daniel Berrange // David Pereira // Deborah Humm // E Gabriel Edvy // Emma Backlund // Harry Crown // Isabella Streffen // Jacqui Taylor // Jo Gane // Johnny Goddard //Katarzyna Bojko-Szymczewska // Katia Ganfield // Kerimcan Goren // Lewis Bush // Liz Blum // Luca Damiani // Luke Harby // Mal Troon // Mark Tamer // Marta Wlusek // Martha Gray // Myrto Amorgianou // Natalie Keymist // Nettie Edwards // Rachel Allain // Ramona Güntert  // Renata Neon // Samuel Partal // Sayako Sugawara // Susu Laroche // Thom Bridge // Thomas Tyler // Victoria Ahrens // Victoria Doyle // Zanny Mellor

About the London Alternative Photography

The London Alternative Photography Collective was founded in 2013, and is co-directed by artists Melanie King, Almudena Romero and Diego Valente. The collective specifically focuses on how analogue and alternative photography processes are used in contemporary art.

The London Alternative Photography Collective organises talks, symposia, exhibitions,
workshops and demonstrations. Through these activities, the London Alternative Photography Collective aims to support practitioners who use traditional photographic processes in new ways. Overall, the London Alternative Photography Collective provides an open platform for knowledge and skill exchange, where artists can develop their ideas and share tips about processes.