47/49 Tanner Street - The Hub


6th - 8th March


A weekend event in partnership with Royal College of Art Students showcasing the work of artists who are overlooked and disadvantaged on the basis of gender. In a system of demarcation that favors individuals over others disguised as a meritocracy, there is still a desperate need for the creation of platforms that attempt to right this disparity. Manifesting the reparative qualities of work through repetition, invocation and making is a means of empowerment in the face of judgment.

Looking at language associated with the alienation of female identifying and gender non-binary individuals, specifically as makers, the work becomes a tool of unification through the creation of an autonomous platform. Showcasing artist from the RCA pursuing contemporary art practices, through moving image, digital, sculpture, performance and installation the final exhibition will attempt to create an incantation to galvanize and mobilize both artists and viewers.

Contributing Artists:
Alice Bucknell
Gabriella Davies
Paola Estrella
Kaushikee Gupta
Serena Huang
Khaver Idrees
Mayssa Kanaan
Lea Porre
Flo Ray
Louise R-Djukic
Emma Tighe
Yuxi Xiao
Yuxuan Xiao

Private View Friday 6th March 18.00-21.00.