NOISE by Nua Dance – R&D Residency



How does noise feel? NOISE is an immersive experience of the dominating effect words, sounds and media can have in our perceptions.

Noise is a contemporary dance trio engaging Deaf and hearing performers. We use dance, spoken word, soundscapes and multimedia installation to offer the audience, with a specific focus on the Deaf community, an immersive experience. We want them to “feel the noise” without attaching a positive or negative value to it, but emphasizing the need to connect to others. 

"We are taking the concept of Noise beyond hearing, as an overwhelming experience that dominates all of our perceptual apparatus, hindering other signals or sensations. This gives us an immense freedom to explore different experiences of Noise, including those of d/Deaf people.

We started our research back in February, and now it has taken a whole new meaning for us. A global lockdown has reduced the external noise, with cities all over the world going quiet, but isolation has made many people face their internal noise. Paradoxically, we now crave noise as a sign of the presence of others, as a memory of our old daily routine. 

We have turned to our computers for interaction and for clues to navigate the uncertainty, but in return got bombarded with opposing views. 

We want to make art that is not only accessible, but also brings the experiences of d/Deaf people to the forefront, expanding the conversation. We are collaborating with visual artist Henrique Guersi to design an interactive multimedia installation which is reactive to sound, in order to create an immersive sensorial experience accessible to all. Mike Winship is designing a soundscape which leads the audience through an emotionally filled space, made not only of sounds but of vibrations too, playing with our own perceptions.

We are delighted to be collaborating with Remark! Community to meaningfully engage with d/Deaf audiences. 

This project is generously supported by Arts Council National Lottery Grants. Thank you also to Dance East and Centre 151 for their support. 

The work is suitable for 8yrs + // There are no adult themes or language.

Credit Photos

Photo 1 Dan Martin

Photo 2 & 3 Mikael Buck