Off Quay – November 2016 / July 2017


East India London


From November 2016 to July 2017


8000 sqft repurposed offices

Past Projects

In October 2016, Ugly Duck transformed a sprawling disused 8th floor office space into a creative space, perfect for film and photography shoots, rehearsals and productions, events, parties, away days and corporate training, screenings and exhibitions.

The renovation took place over 10 days and included significant adjustments to the layout of the space. We removed a number of the internal walls and stripped back the suspended ceiling to transform the premises into an open and light venue. The old blue carpets were ripped out to show off the beautiful steel-topped floor that lay hidden underneath. After a coat of paint and the installation of some simple lighting, our new project space, “Off Quay” and its 9 distinct spaces, contained in 8000 sqft, was ready for the launch on 3rd November 2016.