Call for projects – EXIT exhibition

Creative Partnerships

How did an empty Victorian warehouse become the centre of Ugly Duck’s ethos and home to countless rising artists?

Through over 180 exhibitions and events, Ugly Duck has shone a light into a magical, yet complex and imperfect building showcasing eclectic creative practitioners and their art forms,

After more than 7 years occupying Tanner Street, 2020 will see Ugly Duck lifting off into new adventures. We couldn’t do this without organising a celebratory exhibition of all of the art forms and works that we have presented along the way.

For EXIT we are looking for diversified works including; Installations, sculptures, prints, video art, experimental tech, sound art, glitch art, game art, multimedia performance. We are also looking for outdoor works. 

For this exhibition we have chosen the theme FluidityIn a perpetual stage of Fluidity, Ugly Duck fluctuates between different activities, genres and genders. Our identity is not fixed, it shifts and evolves organically. 

To Apply

Check the guideline document here ==> GUIDELINE

If you have any questions or to get more details please contact our creative producer Deen Atger /