Postopia – visions of technology from utopia to dystopia


22th - 23th February 2019


47/49 Tanner Street SE1 3PL

Art, Upcoming

With the transformation of the human condition by technological enhancement, both intellectually and physiologically, has science driven the body closer to obsolescence? How does this change our perception of reality and humanity? Are humans polarised by digital technology?
Why do many people see the world in extremes? Does everything need to be absolutely positive or desperately negative? As artificial intelligence develops, how would different forms of intelligence co-exist within a new eco system? Will technology bring us closer or further away from nature?

The Uncovered Collective will aim to make sense of these and more by presenting visions of technology through the lens of utopia and dystopia. But we will also try to imagine a third option: postopia Рa state beyond extreme dichotomy towards a search for balance between humanity and technology with realistic expectations and a sustainable approach. Can we reach postopia?
This exhibition will aim to deliver a multimedia experience from a diverse group of artists working with sculpture, installation, painting, video, performance, digital, photography and mixed media. It will attempt to stimulate audiences through a multi-sensory journey into the different facets of technology, considering its impact on sustainability and change; love and relationships; gender and sexuality; empowerment and enslavement; death and immortality; human reproduction and artificial intelligence; nature and ecology.

The Uncovered Collective is a group of over 35 international artists who each offers a diverse and unique vision of art and art practice