For this new creative season Ugly Duck has chosen the theme Real/Virtual.

In an era where technology is fully assimilated in society, art and media, augmented and virtual reality have shifted the definition of what constitutes the ‘real world’. What is the definition of reality today? ‘Does ‘virtual’ necessarily stand in opposition to ‘real’? Ugly Duck wanted to investigate the effect this has on the future of art, and invited artists and creatives to present their thoughts and ideas.

The success of the open call shows how relevant this topic is, we received 59 Applications  all of high quality, which were shortlisted by our expert panel.

From the submissions we have selected 5 core projects to take place our beautiful spaces in the next 6  months:

Game Face by Sweet Art a group exhibition of artists working across several disciplines and exploring the intersection of art and games.

Digital Decade 5: Cyberia curated by Arseny Vesnin with various media VR, Video Art, Projection Mapping, Phygital Objects and Prints will bring the audience into a visual dialogue on geopolitical, environmental, social and even interstellar changes under the ongoing digital shift of humankind. Selected by guest curator Foteini Avarani.

The Museum of Drug Policy, to celebrate Release’s 50th anniversary we will host a series of events to influence social change in drug policy. An interactive art exhibition and debates will depict the suffering caused by the ‘war on drugs’ and how drug policy intersects with other social issues.

Virtuality Mortalitycomposed of participatory events, large-scale installations and performances combining a rich mix of media, advanced computational techniques, rotting organic matter and hardware.

Making It RealThe London Alternative Photography Collective was founded by Melanie King in July 2013, as a way to make analogue and alternative photography processes accessible and exciting. This will be a festival of analogue photography, film and sound.

We also selected an organic selection of individual projects that we’ll combine into a Real / Virtual festival with artists including Luciana Hail, Field,  Ray LeeAΦE, and many more surprises that will make us question together the construction of new identity within the virtual age.

All Selected Projects :

Game Face - Sweet Art
Constructed reality - Susie Olczak
Pygmalion 2.0 - CrossArts Collective
Museum of Drug Policy - Release
The Ethometric Museum - Ray Lee
PIXEL TEARS - Grace Lambert
The Phrontesterion : Dreaming of Virtual Sleep - Luciana Hail
Room of Artificial Organisms - Nikoletta Lafka
Virtuality Mortality - XAP
The Digital Decade: Ciberia - Design Collector
Symbiosis - KiRa
Making It Real: Analogue LDN - London Alternative Photography Collective
re / sound - We Sleep In Forest
"Hyper Trust" - Nataliia Kuznietsova
THE UPSIDEDOWN - Produced Moon
Interactive Yoga Installation - Field
21 Movements - Alexa Wilson
The Disinhibitor - Karel Bata
Everything you see is real - Berenice Martin, Ursula Pelczar
Drowning - Making Space Arts
Uninvited V - Monaghan & Klein artist collaborative Shona Davies
Whist - AΦE
Upgrading Humans - Liane Fredericks
Rewild (a Theatrical Concert) - Livia Rita & Artists
Digital Narcissus - Leathers Production
Blinds - James Paddock
The Forest of Phantasmagorias - Tinderdust
Stefdies - Stefdies
The Forest is Broken - Thomas Buckley