Early Career Residencies

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Early Career Residencies


Ugly Duck is offering early career artists and creatives a residency opportunity between 5 and 10 days at our central London location. You will have use of the space from 10am to 6pm, days are flexible

The residency aims to support and help advance the participating artists by offering free studio space and time to develop and produce new work, as well as a platform through which to engage with the public and share and develop their ideas. 

We are particularly interested in live art, performance, dance and spoken word projects that address social, political and environmental issues. The project should end with a public presentation such as an open studio, sharing or workshop.

The Space

The Flat is a 1st floor, 85sqm studio space located at  47/49 Tanner Street. The space comes with a kitchenette, bathroom w/ shower and independent entrance. Please note there is no lift access to this space and no overnight accommodation. 

How to Apply

  • A 500 word statement detailing the project you are working on, what your practice is, what your interests are and what you would like to experiment with. 
  • Preferred dates and the size of the company you will be working with
  • Examples of previous work

This is a rolling opportunity until 30th January 2022.

Please get in touch with Katy to discuss your ideas and to submit your application.

katy@uglyduck.org.uk  / 07826 854146