Create, Creative Seasons

Our rooftop of 47/49 Tanner Street overlooks the Eastbound train lines from London Bridge, and in 2014 we embarked upon a mission to showcase ambitious and polemical public sculptures from this spot. In May 2014 we hosted a pilot project, Plastic Lunch, which aimed to draw attention to the vast quantities of plastic pollution in our oceans and food chains. Through social media networks we reached 379,250 people with our hashtag #PlasticLunch and alongside this worked with 160 children from local schools and pupil referral units in a series of art workshops.

Since this first project we have run 2 more rooftop projects; Survi-ville in partnership with PUG, which looked at how architecture can address the issue of climate change, and AROOO on the roof, which provoked people to think about the housing crisis in London.

We are looking for a new roof project, which will provide a platform for an important social or environmental issue. Ugly Duck will support in the delivery of this project, helping to seek funding, promote the piece and manage the project. The main audience will be going past on a train, so the sculpture needs to be large and bold to attract passing commuters and rail passengers. If you’re interested in submitting an idea for this project please contact Rosie on