STRINGS 2.0 for Dance Against Racism Day


From 47/49 Tanner Street - online live stream (Zoom)


** October 31th ** Classes: 10 am to 6 pm Interactive performance: 6 pm

After the success of the last Dance Against Racism Day, we are pleased to bring another day of dance and fitness fun!
Choreographers, dance teachers, dance artists and fitness professionals have come together in support of the efforts to end racism. Dance is a universal language that everyone can embrace regardless of race, age, disability, gender, religion or belief, sex or sexual orientation. Today we embrace unity, equality, and justice for all who have faced racism in its many forms.
All classes and performance will take place via Zoom and the suggested donation for the day is £10 with all the proceeds going to Inc Arts UK who work towards bringing diversity and inclusion in the arts.
The day is packed with classes from all dance styles. To conclude the event, Clemence Debaig will perform and livestream STRINGS 2.0 from Ugly Duck.
STRINGS is an interactive dance performance on isolation and apathy where the audience can decide how the dancer moves. The dancer is found in her living room after several weeks of self-isolation, losing connection with the outside world, fighting against anxiety and apathy, and contemplating the self. She will rely on the audience interaction to help her live through movement again and reconnect with others.
Using the interactive system, the audience is able to watch the performance in live-stream while collectively deciding how the dancer should move from their phone. Each instruction act as invisible strings to (re)animate a living and dancing body.
STRINGS has originally been created at the beginning of the lockdown for the online festival 19 Acts of Covid Bravery and was first performed directly from Clemence's living room. For Dance Against Racism Day, Clemence will present a revamped version of STRINGS performed from the beautiful space at Ugly Duck.
Direction, performance, creative coding, electronics: Clemence Debaig
UI and network development: Ed Boucher
Music: Christina Karpodini
Creative input and dance partners: Chloe Bellou, Kristia Morabito, Marcello Licitra
Live-streaming: Be.Side Live