Virtuality Mortality

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14-15th October 2017


47/49 Tanner Street

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As part of the Real / Virtual Season, Ugly Duck is proud to welcome XAP for their project Virtuality Mortality

In our current project, ‘Virtuality Mortality’, we are investigating the intertwined relationships of humans, technology and nature – depicted as an intense ecology of living, nascent, digital, organic, physical, virtual, decaying, resuscitated, undead, reborn.

XAP explore psychological, social, cultural and political implications of technologies – our part in their creation, uptake, absorption, pervasion, obsolescence and disposal. And vice versa – how they become part of us – creating and expanding human identity, and influencing how we experience the world.

Virtuality Mortality has been selected as part of Ugly Duck’s ‘Real/Virtual’ program during 2017. They have invited other artists and activist groups with shared concerns, to join us in creating large-scale interactive installations, combining advanced computational techniques, rotting organic matter, video, dying hardware, audio, painting and performance. The Virtuality Mortality events run over the weekend 14th-15th October, including promenade performances, installations, video screenings, Big Draw workshops and a Restart party, where visitors are invited to bring in objects to be (re)animated, repaired and recycled.


About XAP:

London-based artist collective XAP have been collaborating since 2007.Their cross-disciplinary practice integrates performance, traditional art media and new technologies, to tackle contemporary social, political and cultural issues.  Their projects frequently go beyond the gallery – out into woodland, parkland and urban public spaces.

To provide a richer experience for blind and visually impaired audiences, XAP artists have been trained in audio description techniques by VocalEyes.

The artists met while studying Fine Art at Central Saint Martins; XAP members have gone on to MAs at the Royal College of Art, Goldsmiths, Newcastle University, and City and Guilds of London Art School.