Ugly Duck Spaces Privacy Statement


The company takes the protection of your personal information seriously.  Information you provide will not be used for any purpose other than the legitimate business of the company, specifically:

  • For clients, to manage the booking and to issue location agreements and financial documentation.
  • For time bankers, to access the network in accordance with the company’s Scheme.
  • For subscribers, to inform the person about Ugly Duck news as requested via the sign up page


Information regarding a booking will be treated in strict confidence, and as such it will never be shared with anyone other than the Staff and Directors of the company.  Information will be stored in cloud based services, electronically and email archives, which the Staff and Directors will make all reasonable efforts to ensure remain secure.  All such records will only be kept by the Directors and the Staff for the duration of their tenure in the role, or for a maximum period of 6 years, whichever is the shortest.  Any person (on completion of their booking), may request in writing to have all the information that the company holds about them erased.  In this case, the Directors and Staff will make all reasonable efforts to delete or destroy all paper and email records containing personal information about that individual.  A copy of the company’s full Privacy Policy may be provided on request.