Rewild - A Theatrical Concert by Livia Rita & Artists

As Part of Real / Virtual Creative Season Ugly Duck Presents Rewild -

A Theatrical Concert by Livia Rita & Artists


1st & 2nd September - 47/49 Tanner Street SE13PL 


Rewild is an avant-garde theatrical concert created by Livia Rita & Artists. It is an adventurous combination of stark writing, stylised movement, raw imagery and symbolically rich costumes leading to an artistic explosion; a heartfelt natural drug trip. ‘It has been an illusion all the way. We can create a better illusion’. Rewild attempts to give you license to become god over your own reality; unashamed to go to extremes in the hope of discovering meaning, emotion and aliveness. Cheesy dreams will be taken dead seriously. Fantasy and reality will dance the tango, then enter the boxing ring, pumped with protein shake. The music is a collection of songs from Livia Rita’s forthcoming debut album Rewild, which she sings live accompanied by three musicians. The surreal, electronic music searches for a new edge of pop; where wild, brutal sounds meet other-worldly, vulnerable melodies in surprising and adventurous ways. An actor and two dancers visualise the music by creating a live music video onstage, guiding the audience with playful narratives through the changing ambiances of the show...