STANDBY - Group Show curated by Billy Fraser 

EXTENDED until May 07th 2017

Off Quay - 8th Floor Capstan House, 1 Clove Crescent, E142BA 
FREE - Opens Monday - Saturday. 10am - 6pm

Curated at OFF QUAY in East India gives STANDBY a sense of the peripheral. As an ex-office, it is on the margin of a space between workspace (with connotations of commercialism, the use of screens, office politics, the use of internet) and the in-between space now used as a gallery. This imbues the art with the memory of this space, further enhanced by its architecture. Located in an office block on a motorway with views over the city locates us within the city experience of technology. The space also raises awareness of the constant use of the digital, how we have forgotten about its proliferation, and how we are becoming like the machine, separated from the corporeal and natural.

STANDBY explores the manifold effects of technology; how its used, its potential, its politics, its influence, its opportunity for us to dream, and its effects on human behavior and psyche. As consumers and users, it allows us to escape, to create the new and explore the unknown, and also changes manufacturing. But with this comes anxiety, disillusion and disparity. There is a perception of the real and the virtual as a loss of self-and a potential in the future for the separation between ourselves and the digital to disappear completely. In apprehension of this scenario we find ourselves in a world of dichotomy trying to distinguish between true and false, the genuine and ironic, and science and myth.

As Generation Y we grew up without daily use of sophisticated digital technologies, and have seen its exponential rise. In this way we ourselves have experienced the dichotomy of life with and without its influence. This exhibition explores our experience and the future of what technology is yet to become.

To explore these themes to their fullest potential, STANDBY features 20 different artists using a variety of media – film, painting, sculpture, installation, sound and performance – to delve in to the numerous ways in which technology has affected our world."