The Rough Sketches Project by 3s A Crowd

The Rough Sketches Project by 3s A Crowd.


21-22 April - 47/49 Tanner Street SE1 3PL 


£8/10 in advance £15 on the door - 7 - 10pm 

3s A Crowd is a London based collective of performance artists whose work is a non-definitive, enlightening dialogue between theme, performer and audience. Their playful, curious, and socially relevant work shifts between themes of narrative identity, memory and notions of control.

The Rough Sketches Project is two evenings of experimental works by a collection of artists expressing their take on the theme ‘Dystopian Realities’ using their own art form.

The audience is encouraged to stumble into a dystopian reality, their senses will be toyed with, teetering in uncharted territory politically, emotionally, economically, digitally, physically… their future unpredictable…