Collide Theater


Hub / Garage


17th-18th-19th June - TIME TBC



Art, Upcoming
Collide is a female-led theatre company based in London. Formed by director Emily Louizou in May 2015, Collide's mission is to make highly visual performances which merge storytelling with dance and live music. Since their inception, they have created five sold-out performances which have received stellar reviews by audiences and critics, alike.  Collide has also been named as "one of the ten most promising companies to watch" in 2019-2020 by the New Diorama Theatre in London. They embrace London as their basis and cultural hub, but they draw inspiration from their varied European backgrounds. They are fuelled by our need to create theatre for an audience who is willing to come on a journey with them, questioning preconceived ideas, and confronting the challenging aspects of  human nature. Deeply grounded in their belief in equality, human fragility and tolerance, Collide fosters an environment where creative individuals from all disciplines can ‘collide’.  
After two successful site-specific and promenade performances at Ugly Duck’s warehouse (Hamletmachine in 2016, and Tejas Verdes in 2017), Collide returns to Tanner Street for a celebration of theatre, music and dance!