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Time banking is an exchange where people swap time and resources instead of money.

Ugly Duck believes in big ideas. We believe in supporting artists and communities, and we know that the high cost of space in London can often prevent people from turning ideas into reality. That’s why we use time banking to give people free access to our spaces.

Time banking is a form of co-production, enabling people to participate in the creation and delivery of services, and allowing people to swap their skills and time for the benefit of a community. Time banking treats everyone’s time as equal, so whether you’re a top lawyer or a hairdresser, your time is equally valuable to us.

Time banking allows people to use our spaces when they are not booked out commercially, in exchange for time, rather than their money. Participants can exchange time for using the space for activities such as:

  • rehearsals
  • video recording
  • photography
  • small meetings
  • audition

In exchange, we will ask for an equivalent time contribution to Ugly Duck or to someone else in the network. The types of activities vary greatly, and may depend on your skills and interests, but include:

  • Ushering and bar work at events
  • Graphic Design
  • Marketing
  • Research

So, for example, if Fred helps Ugly Duck for 5 hours designing a flyer, he can use one of our spaces for 5 hours to rehearse a play.

Please note that because time bankers use our space only when it is not booked out commercially it is not suitable for some activities, as we may need to rearrange your booking at last minute. This would include:

  • Public events
  • Shoots which are very time sensitive
  • Projects that are not at all flexible in terms of when and where they take place
  • For-profit projects

If you’re not sure whether your activity is appropriate for time banking then get in touch.

Once you sign up, you’ll receive emails roughly once a month telling you our needs and availability. Make sure that email doesn’t go into your spam folder! We post more up-to-date opportunities on our Time Bank Facebook group, so please join this, and you will also find out about what other people in the community are doing.

You will need to fill in the short registration form.