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2 May - 3 May

Rev6lver is a participatory performance festival featuring five distinct one-on-one
performances and one conference. One-on-one performance excels at creating
intimate, personalised connections or immersive experiences. Like a revolver, it is
not the fastest way, but the power is reliable: each performance is loaded, aimed,
and fired individually. As a creative response to emerging aspects in advanced
theatre practice, Rev6lver hopes to spark new possibilities with its six shots.
Prioritising efficacy over efficiency, artists from the Royal Central School of Speech
and Drama chose the form of one-on-one in this experimental festival, exploring
themes including memory, shame, somatosensory experience, merge of reality and
virtuality, and the transformative power of storytelling. Also, the conference will bring
insights into the ontology of theatre.
Artists: Hengquan Zhang, Iyas Duhaithem, Josie Qiu, Peijia Luo, Shiqi Cao,
Yumeng Zhang
Curator: Dalin Wu


Performances and Conference:

1. Spotted Confession
Created by Shiqi Cao, performer by Shiqi and Allie Young
Duration: 15 mins
In Chinese tradition, sometimes, awareness of shame is considered a virtue. Such
tradition was especially embedded in female education. But are we supposed to feel
ashamed for things we can not choose for ourselves? Should a baby feel ashamed
of the shape of her nose when she was born, and bring the ugliness with her like a
stubborn spot on a new coat?
The Spotted Confession is a one-on-one performance containing personal
memories, conversations between female generations and playful sights. Starting
from the questions about the shame of her nose, a given body part, Shiqi invites you
to an intimate journey and to touch the shame of the unaccepted existence as a
No worries, it is not that scary. The space is spotted but soft. We cannot talk more
about the confession here. See you in the confession.
Content Warning:
This performance work is themed on shame, and will include conversations about
the female body and family relationships. Please note there might be body contact
between the participants and the performer.
2. Telematic Home Tour
Performed and created by Yumeng Zhang
Dramaturgy/Multimedia Operator: Xiaoyao Zhang
“A way how I connect with home, a way how we connect with each other.”
With a reflection of the digital era we live in, the telematic home has been created as
a space for people to return: it is a place free from the limitations of space and time.
As a guest invited to this telematic home, you will enter a space between real and
virtual, and receive an experience of touch with no touching…
“Welcome to my home, come in, experience it and change a bit as you like.”
Telematic Home Tour is a one-on-one telematic theatre performance, inviting its
audience to interact with the digital space and experience the memory work within.
The work explores how technology affects our perception of real and virtual and
seeks a new approach to connecting with people in the digital ecosystem.
3. Overwritten: A Technological Metamorphosis
Performed and Created by Iyas Duhaithem.
Performers: Jack Car, Francesca Fatichenti
Overwritten invites you to embark on an extraordinary journey into the realms of
memory, identity, and human consciousness. In this immersive, interactive one on
one theatrical experience, we push the boundaries of storytelling and technology to
create a truly unforgettable encounter.
Step into a world where memories are not mere recollections, but dynamic entities
waiting to be reshaped and reimagined. With the aid of cutting-edge AI and the
transformative power of psychodrama, participants delve deep into their pasts,
confronting the shadows that linger and rewriting their narratives for a brighter future.
Join us as we explore the intersection of art, technology, and human experience, and
discover the limitless possibilities that await within the depths of your own mind.
‘Overwritten’ is not just a show—it’s an invitation to reinvent yourself, to explore the
depths of your own consciousness, and to embrace the transformative power of
Are you ready to rewrite your story? Join us and embark on your journey of change.
4. The Cannibals’ Grocery
Created by Hengquan Zhang, performer by Hengquan Zhang and Sijia Yu
When you see, hear, touch, smell or feel something, does the fragmented
information evoke a certain memory for you?
Do you want to be really heard?
Do you realise that what you say can generate untold power for others?
Welcome to The Cannibals’ Grocery!
Here, you can pay by memory.
Attention: This is an entirely participation-based journey in which you may hear the
most precious memories from complete strangers. Meanwhile, we hope you will also
find the calmest happiness and satisfaction through sharing and being heard.
5. Agency of My Body
Performed and created by Peijia Luo

‘I’m watching the world being pulled away from me and start spinning.’
‘My body is entirely down to the ground. There’s no balance, my world tilts.’
In this room with mirrors, the audience are invited to stand in the artist’s shoes,
experience a poetic, aesthetic and personal journey of vertigo starting from a daily
scene in tube station.
Agency of My Body is a part of the research project exploring how to deconstruct
and recreate individual bodily experience of physiological illness to the audience by
creating immersive scenography-led performance, through various sensory methods,
aiming to build up an aesthetic body image and immersive environment, rather than
imitating the realistic bodily experience of patients and letting the audience truly
experience the somatosensory perception.
A “S” Movement & A “●” Moment
Created by Qiaosi Qiu
On Thursday 2nd May Only
What if we conceive the theatre as a spinning coin?
This workshop will present a theory on the “movement” and “moment” in theatre
performance by sharing models and drawing practice, aiming to provide an
additional cognition dimension to disturb the usually limited cognition in this
discourse. The work is an endeavour calling on philosophical and critical reflection in
theatre practices.
Theatre is both a breathing scene and an exploding scene. A ‘rotating’ theatre has a
breathing line of “S” and a pivot point of “•”. The breathing movement and the
explosive moment function simultaneously, incarnating the theatre as a rotating
planet with life, diversity and reformation, floating in infinity.
Join our workshop to learn more about this ‘theatre planet’


2 May
3 May
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