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Lunarrr Playgroundz is a series of ritual-workshops focused on moon magic, cyclicity and shapeshifting, facilitated by Byuka (@_nymphology_) from the Intimate Animals Collective, with guest ritualists Aliyah Husna (@thempress._), Winter James (@glassforbrains) and Bea Xu (_fei__fei_).

Our experimental coven tries to offer safe(r) spaces of spiritual inquiry, transformation and healing for the queer community and its wonderful allies. Hosted by Ugly Duck- an arts organisation that supports under-represented voices and emerging artists, for the months of October and November & according to the phases of the moon, we will explore:

Ways of queering and embodying the tarot
Elemental magic
Queer ancestor altars
Rebirth rituals
Shapeshifting techniques &
How to create relationships to non-human familiars
Frameworks for moon worship
Ways of befriending grief


Lunarrr Playgroundz is a container of queer magic for the queer community and its allies.

All workshops will play with movement, breathwork, voice and writing in different measures, depending on the theme and facilitator- but you will always be in charge of how you wish to interact with our suggestions and guidance, as well as the intensity and rhythm which feels pleasureful and needed to you on the day.

There are no prerequisites for the rituals. Any levels of movement or magical practice are welcomed: from curious creatures to baby witches & to geeky magicians who speak crow language! (if you do, please message for a skill swap 🙂

Unfortunately the space is not accessible by wheelchair.

For any questions feel free to email:


Byuka (they/them) is a migrant witch & performance artist, working at the intersections of poetry, dance and film. Their work investigates animism, queerness and intimacy through ritual and speculative fiction.

They are the co-creator of the Intimate Animals collective, where they explore eco-somatics through experiments of multispecies mythology-making and hybridisation workshops. Their work is also focused towards community engagement and ancestral healing through the collaborative project Your pain is humming in my vertebrae.

Byuka holds a BA in Performance Art from the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama and has performed and facilitated workshops internationally.

Recent residencies include ‘Transcendence’ with Kimatica Studio at the Watermans Art Centre (London, 2018) and “Beauty Kit female farm” with Isabel Burr Raty at Mediamatic (Amsterdam, 2019). Performances include ‘Water Temple’ at Heart Culture Festival (Austria, 2018), ‘Walking through porous soil’ at the Royal Albert Hall (London, 2018), ‘Wet’ at Camden People’s Theatre (London, 2019) and The Ghost Port (Iklektik, 2022).

Check out their websites:

Intimate Animals


+ details about guest facilitators soon!


Monday’s of October and November months

47/49 Tanner Street (Studio)
TBC Monday (7 - 9 pm)