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Music Artist

I am currently building on the portfolio of work and visuals play a hugely important part of all of that!

I began by requesting time, and got a generous 8 hours of it in an amazing space provided by Ugly Duck, then spent 6 giving my time back to the organisation through an event, and another 4 doing administration. Excellent resource all around!

Charlotte Hastings

Performer & theatre maker
Time banking has provided me with countless opportunities and introduced me to new artists and inspiring spaces. I helped decorate Off Quay and have worked bar shifts at the Kinetica exhibition along with filmmaker Dougal Wallace. Dougal and I are now working together on a documentary and theatre project in Crete – a collaboration which would not have happened were it not for Time Banking!

Elly Beaman-Brinklow

Cofounder, HASTE Theatre

HASTE used Tanner Street and Off Quay for rehearsal space for the making of our show “Where The Hell is Bernard?“ and the redevelopment of our first show Oyster Boy.

Thanks to time banking we were able to use fantastic, atmospheric spaces to create and play in. We gave our time I’m return running the bar at some events which were fun and a great way to network too. A sharing of skills and time – great idea!