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Trans Book Club


KINESIS Collective are an all-transgender and gender variant group composed of artists, activists and community organisers. Born out of lockdown, a time in which transgender people saw a fragmentation of their community, KINESIS aims to produce spaces of solitarity and healing. They are keen to create spaces for trans people outside of the party scene, sustaining dialogues around literature, art and performance. KINESIS believes that in collapse there is opportunity; in crisis there is potential.

Every month, the collective will be hosting a book club at Ugly Duck, reading Shon Faye’s groundbreaking “The Transgender Issue: An argument for Justice”. Each meeting will be a conversation around a single chapter from her book, starting with the introduction, “Seen but Not Heard”, to her conclusion, “A Transformed Future”.

The meetings are specifically for transgender, gender-non-conforming, genderqueer people and anyone currently questioning, or want to explore, their gender identity.

47/49 Tanner Street

The Flat

Every 2nd Mondays of the month
7 - 8.30 pm