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Lunarrr Playgroundz

20 March 23 @ 19:00 - 15 May 23 @ 21:00

Lunarrr Playgroundz


Lunarrr Playgroundz is an experimental open coven that tries to offer safe(r) spaces of spiritual inquiry, transformation and healing for the queer community and its wonderful allies.
The project unfolds through ritual-workshops in accordance with the phases of the moon. It is held by the main facilitator b y u k a (they/ them), as well as by invited guest queer magic practitioners. Some of the themes we explore are:
Ways of queering and embodying the tarot
Elemental magic
Queer ancestor altars
Rebirth rituals
Shapeshifting techniques &
How to create relationships to non-human familiars
Frameworks for moon worship
Ways of befriending grief
Blood magic
Transpersonal Psychology
Chaos Magick
The project unfolds through the lens of moon magic- an ancestral and animist ritual technology. This framework can help us reclaim our embodied cyclical rhythm of living, and guide us into how to honour both our phases of growth and celebration, as well as our grief, rest and reflection. Like the moon, we wax and wane.
Instead of the linear, productivity-driven timelines of patriarchal capitalism, we devote ourselves to the creative flow woven by the magnificent planetary dance between the moon and the earth – which directs the seasonal changes, the movement of tides and our planet’s axis. As we are mammals who are birthed, fed and held between the cosmic and the earthly landscapes – we are made and unmade by these rhythms. Like the moon, we wax and wane.
Empowering our lunar bodies can help us rebel against the industrial, machine-like clock that dominates our lives and our relationship to the ecosystems. Our lunar bodies can dream into being futurities that bloom with collective care, care that heals us from the violent spells of hierarchy, binaries and normativity. Futurities that are guided by myths & stories full of playfulness, solidarity, rest. Full of camp hybrids, sacred disruptors, wise fools. Full of recycled altars, ceremonial raves and sensuous technologies.
The project also asks the question- what is queer magic?
Lunarrr Playgroundz – both as a magical praxis & as an embodied mythology that is being collectively written- is inherently queer. Strange, fluid, playful. The moon is a shapeshifter.
The moon transitions all the time- from one phase to the other, showing us its many faces, energies and qualities via an intricate dance of reflected sunlight, darkness, vulnerability and power. It’s a performative ceremony of many genders, many kinds of prayers, many pains and many sensualities – gifted to an entire galaxy.
Lunar magic framework
( to be taken as a poetic invitation and not as a recipe! 🙂
Waning Moon
As our lunar satellite veils itself into cosy shadows- darkness slowly becomes an intimate cocoon of focus, reassessment and rest. For half of the cycle- we can witness the tender beauty of the moon’s disappearance. Each night they sacrifice more and more of their shining skins, teaching us about the sacred necessity of retrieval.
What is no longer serving our needs? What layers of being are shedding and need ceremonial acknowledgement? How can we make friends with our shadows? With the sides of ourselves that we have outcasted? That we are terrified or ashamed of? Our exhaustion, our anger, our strangeness?
The waning moon invites us to connect deeper to our grief – so that we know more clearly what we need to let go of in order to respect our own becoming.
We acknowledge that the seeds of renewal are buried in the universe’s magical acts of disappearance. Of loss. Of letting go. Of sacrifice. Our futurities lay in the soil’s dark womb, as we learn how to surrender in the dance of death and rebirth- breathing in and breathing out. As we give birth to ourselves into new shapes of joy, we leave parts of us as offerings to the land, to rot and home themselves into the mycelial networks. The past versions of ourselves become compost for our new desires and dreams to flourish.
New Moon
The sun and the moon are completely aligned. There is no light emanating towards us. The world is at a stillpoint. We hide, cocoon ourselves like a dark moon, we root ourselves into the unseen, back to the forces of creative mystery that weave our livelihoods together. Back into the nest of dreams our queer and blood ancestors built. We pause with them so that their blessings and pains can inform our future journeys. Through this darkness we remember the wombic warmth from which life is born, the darkness of deep soil as it homes a seed, the point 0 from which all beginnings take place. Through this process we become intimate with our desires and offer them space, as we water them with our powers and plan for the next lunar cycle.
Waxing Moon
Like the moon, we shapeshift, transition and baptise new desires and needs into expression.
As the light of the moon starts growing, we reflect on our own relationship to growth and empowerment: the fears, excitement, hardship and tenderness that show up in the process. The waxing moon invites us to follow the momentum, recalibrate, expand. How does it feel to take space? To gather? To build? What is our support system while we do so? What offerings of time, space, kindness and patience does this birth need?
What is commitment? What is devotion?
Full Moon
Reaching the full moon – it’s high time we celebrate and bathe in the acceptance and gratitude of what we birthed into expression until now. We can bring offerings to our allies who supported our journeys – humans, plants, land, planets and spirits.
Who is your family? By blood, by choice, by devotion? How does your thank you look like? How much of you and your time you pour into learning how to celebrate them and the life around you?
The full moon also allows us to sense where we are in our relationship to power and expression: are we fully allowing ourselves to shine? To be seen? To manifest? With ourselves in our full splendour? With our delicious mistakes, with our awkward joy, with our ecstasy? Our needs and longings? The full moon is also a time for fun. Pleasure for pleasure’s sake. Ritual raves, healing spells
of laughter and uncensored howls.
For who
Lunarrr Playgroundz is a container of queer magic for the queer community and its allies.
All workshops will play with movement, breathwork, voice and writing in different measures, depending on the theme and facilitator- but you will always be in charge of how you wish to interact with our suggestions and guidance, as well as the intensity and rhythm which feels pleasureful and needed to you on the day.
There are no prerequisites for the rituals. Any levels of movement or magical practice are
welcomed: from curious creatures to baby witches & to geeky magicians who speak crow language! (if you do, please message for a skill swap 🙂
Unfortunately the space is not accessible by wheelchair.
For any questions feel free to email:


20 March 23 @ 19:00
15 May 23 @ 21:00
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